A broken fairytale


So A broken fairytale will be an illustrated novel that you will be able to read online at tapas. Link will be shared in January when we start sharing the story!

And with we, I mean Ethan Lash, Alastair’s owner, and me, Sinine’s owner.

This story came from a roleplay we started about 2 years ago. Being honest, it was meant to be a one shot lewd story, nothing meaningful… but somehow the characters simply clicked in a different way, and although we keep the spicy part in the story, it’s become much more than that.

So we’re happy o start sharing it soon, and I hope you’ll love it like we do!

Aaand remember if you support this patreon, you’ll get access to extra sketches, NSFW art and sketches, NSFW chapters that we won’t publish online but are still canon in the story… and more!

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