About me


About me

Passionate artist ever since a little girl I always knew what I wanted to do in life. Creating stories and characters, drawing, writing or simply making up stories in my mind when I didn’t quite know how to write just yet! Art has always been present in my life, while other kids wanted to play outside, I had more fun working on my creations and sharing them with my friends.

Event to this day my passion didn’t change. Creating stories is still my life goal and I can’t help doing it every single day getting new ideas from everywhere I go, everything I see, every book, comic, novel that I read. I can find inspirations just anywhere.




  • Soon : Teaching art at Psaludonia
  • May 2019 – Today: Full Time Freelance Artist
  • April 2016 – March 2018: Cover and Inner Books Illustrator at Ediciones Oniricas


Courses I’m still learning from: