Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


If you have any questions or for business inquiries please send me an email at roxyhana.art@gmail.com

IMPORTANT! These terms are focused on particular clients, either for personal use or commercial in small amount, but might not apply for publishers and other commercial work.
If you’re a business and are looking for a big project, we shall discuss the terms in private and write a contract.

My Guarantee

Send me an email (roxyhana.art@gmail.com) and we will begin discussing your commission with more details. I work in milestrones so that you are always up to dates with my process so that I can ensure the piece is always going in the direction you need.

WIPs and reviews

  • I will share as many wips as possible depending on the complexity of the commission.
  • You have 1 revision for each phase to ask for changes. Once you approve the changes I move on to the next phase.
  • Please take in account that you may not ask for sketch changes in ink phase, ink changes on color phase, neither sketch changes on color phase. These late changes will be charged extra!
  • When you ask for a change, you may stick with the latest changes.


  • You will get by default the full size ~5000px PNG and a smaller version in ~1000px for social media or other platforms (Or other dimensions depending on our agreement!)
  • You’ll get your piece during the next month after the preorder. Meaning, if you order in January, your piece will be scheduled for February.
  • You can get your commission sooner by paying an extra fee depending on the rush.
  • These terms are just orintative and might change depending on what we personally negociate. We can re-adapt the terms to your particular needs.


  • The payment will be done through Card (stripe) or Bank Transfer. 
  • If you need more time to complete the payment, please let me know! Otherwise…
  • You have a week to complete the payment ( or deposit/reservation). Meanwhile, the slot is saved but if past that time it’s still not paid, you might lose the slot if someone else claims it.
  • I charge in EUR/EUROS(€).
  • Partial payments are an option for bigger commissions.

Commercial Use

The art is for commercial use if:

  • It’s a cover/ inner illustration for a book you’ll publish.
  • It’ll be used on any other product you are going to sell/make money with. (art for games, posters to sell, etc…)
  • You’ll use it for marketing, for flayers and other publicity.
  • Basically, if the purpose of the art is to profit, then it’s for commercial purposes.

The extra fee for commercial use will depend on the rights you want for the piece and what you’re going to use it for.

Rights on the art

  • The commissioned art is for personal use unless you have asked for commercial usage and paid an extra fee.
  • You can resell the art I created for you to someone else, but not through merch to get benefits. In this case it’s considered commercial work so you must pay the extra fee.
  • Credits are not needed but are very much appreciated <3
  • I have the right to use the art for my portfolio unless you specifically ask me to keep it private.

Cancelling and Refunds

  • You can ask for a refund in the next 7 days after the payment if the commission wasn’t started.
  • If you want to cancel the commission once it’s already started, you will get a 50% refund.
  • You cannot cancel the commission if the lineart is already done. 0% refund in this case.

Do and Dont’s

Furry, Humans, Elves, Dragons… Robots, MechasAction scenes
Character DesignLandscapes, Scenario designsTech, robots and all
LGTB+Gore, VoreSome blood, but not getting too gory.
SFW/NSFWAction, with complex weapons
Romance, couples, eroticRape, not consensual
Size difference at certain pointOversized extreme unrealistic body proportions

Ordering a commission from me means you agree to all of these terms.